The working principles and advantages of gasoline tamping rammer

2013-06-28 11:06:08

Gasoline tamping rammer principle made by a two-stroke internal combustion engine, the cylinder with upper and lower pistons, piston internal combustion piston upper, lower piston is damping piston. Set a tilt cylinder underside of the lower hammer, so that the vertical axis of the cylinder forward skew. From the cylinder piston rod on the roof in the middle of the through hole extends under the rod protruding from the lower end surface of the cylinder, and with the hammer into one, between the cylinder and the hammer spring tension, and a handrail to control ram Grader way forward.

Gasoline tamping rammer combustible mixture in the blasting force, jump forward and upward from the ground, and under its own weight, falling to the ground soil compaction, jumped a falling hammer, step forward on the fuselage.

Gasoline tamping rammer is widely used, not only for a variety of sand, gravel, concrete compaction formation, also applies to gravel asphalt, concrete and clay compacted formation, especially for construction, ground, courtyard, roadbed, bridge piles, ditch tank, wild, narrow construction sites and other environmental overcome the electric rammer and searching for a power cable can not work without the hassle of power, especially to overcome the electric rammer live working on personal insecurity, capable and medium-sized machinery can not be completed construction tasks.