With new machine development

2013-05-10 18:47:12

Along with the rapid development of science and technology, and finishing machines on the market, more and more, in recent years, the company has been committed to the development of a new type of robot finishing machine. This kind of new robots will greatly improve the efficiency of the traditional surface finishing in the construction industry, it requires the use of human resources less monitoring, reduce the heavy labor in the process of construction.

Now the ground of the finishing machine building industry process requires several workers spend an hour or more with a shovel for a little bit of processing, work hard and tedious, and for a long time engaged in such work will make workers susceptible to a variety of occupational disease.

Robot surface finishing machine needs a complex decision system, can according to the actual circumstance of the ground work for real-time adjustment strategy, driven by hydraulic system to complete the surface finishing machine work. And indoor and outdoor different work requirements, in order to use the robot is equipped with a laser calibration system, can quickly in the work the field calibration.