What round bending machine functions

2013-05-27 14:37:11

Round bar bender operation is very simple,round bar benderis widely used in steel processing machine, one of the basic operation we believe that he should also need to look at.

Round Tube Bender Articles: before the operation, first check whether lack of oil lubrication points, motion mechanism is loose, safety device is reliable, to be confirmed before use.

Pump start, the system pressure is kept within the specified range, if high, the damage of hydraulic components, a waste of power, if too low, affecting the work. Adjust the position of parts required and the desired angle. Adjusted to the required length of the mechanical positioning. Adjust vertical lift rail, the guide can be molded tight cylinder advance iron pipe clamp tightly.

Molded clip to adjust the clamping cylinder tight iron pipe. Normal operation will workpiece into bending mold, and the tip contact with positioning, foot switch, to complete. Bending, thought to be concentrated, hands or other prohibited items into the work area, in case of emergency, press the emergency stop button, and then turn twist switch to the manual position.

Round bending machine fully functional, reasonable structure, simple operation, easy to move, install quickly. So many people like, in addition, hydraulic bending machine also comes with a hydraulic jack features, price than CNC bending machine has an advantage.