What are the lubrication of the concrete mixer

2013-05-24 15:16:06

Small Concrete mixer is working in the sand-lime many environment, in order to ensure the reliability of machine work, reduce the wear of machine parts and power loss. Should do the work timely lubrication.

1, Gear box gear and bearing is the use of gear rotary oil splashed onto the inner wall of the box body, into the bearing for lubrication. Gear box oil surface should maintain appropriate between the oil dipstick two line. Oil level is too high or too low will cause the temperature rise or lubrication, increasing the power loss and cause the machine working poor. The new machine began using the first 150 hours and 300 hours respectively, changing oil once, dirt to exclude test did not completely clean. When working, should always check the oil level, lack of timely replenishment.
2, Concrete mixerwhere the need to adjust the position and rotation of the exposed with position should always maintain a lubricating oil. But the band brake parts shall not defile oil and water, so as not to affect the braking effect.
3, The mixer motor lubrication according to motor specification.
4, Concrete mixer other lubrication position and lubricant life according to the lubrication system table.