Fault diagnosis of vibration system of vibration compactor

2013-07-12 18:16:11

Vibration compactor is to use its own gravity and vibration compaction variety of building and road construction materials. Vibration roller during use vibration system is prone to failure, then how to diagnose this failure does vibration compactor?

Check the vibration compactor shaft vibration motor and vibration and vibration flexible coupling shaft oil situation. Excessive vibration frequency of oil will go up, generally depends on the motor shaft combinations to seal damage caused by oil spills. If the vibration shaft spline bushing wear serious, can lead to loss of vibration fault, then respond to the charge pressure, the system detects the pressure of work, in order to make the diagnosis.

As before vibration compactor vibration system independent but interrelated (Shared charge pump), it can be applied "component replacement method" for diagnosis. For example, there is a low vibration frequency, can be before and after the exchange of two motor lines, if the fault has been transferred, then the fault is in the pump or the motor is faulty. Similarly, for frequency displacement control valve operation can also be used the same "exchange law" as a diagnosis.

Vibration main oil Kai Chun initial pressure up 32MPa, boosted its continuous working pressure up when spoke 20MPa, small amplitude is about 12MPa. When the engine at rated speed of its continuous working pressure considerably higher than the standard value, you should check the vibrating shaft rotation flexibility, that is with a special tool rotational vibration axis, the eccentric block at a high level after the release, when the vibration shaft shall able to swing a few times, if the feeling resistance, vibration shaft bearings should be replaced.