Vibration rammer advantage

2013-05-21 15:16:43

Vibratory basis JG/T5014 standard production. Vibratory tamping rammerwith small size, light weight, light amount of ram, consolidate capacity, high production efficiency, welt performance, flexible operation, simple, safe and reliable, compared to our current frog rammer, explosion rammer, plate compactor etc. has more advantages. Rammer for compaction of sand, concrete, and a variety of sandy soil, but also for asphalt sand, poor concrete and clay compaction, especially suitable for the construction of the indoor floor surface, courtyards and narrow grooves , competent and medium-sized compaction machinery unable to complete the construction task.
Services, it is difficult to have a standard, agents around the country will also provide targeted services. I am most concerned about is whether they have a mature repair team can achieve the scene in a timely manner, the quick fix, and there is sufficient inventory of spare parts.