Dynamic simulation analysis of vibrating plate compactor

2013-08-07 11:14:43

Vibrating plate compactor is the use of the vibration exciter for compaction machinery, not in the workload of the project, has been widely used. It can be easily achieved using the handle forward, backward, in-situ vibration compaction, operating freely, flexible, high efficiency.

This article is for foreign production unit weight of 0.1t, the excitation frequency of 98Hz vibrating plate compactor for dynamic simulation and parameter optimization analysis.

In this paper, do the following tasks:
Analysis of the working principle of vibrating plate compactor, vibratory plates created a mathematical model.
Through the establishment of three-dimensional graphics software CatiaV5R11 vibrating plate compactor 3D solid model.
The model is imported mechanical system dynamics simulation software Adams12.0, and dynamic simulation, so as to achieve the performance of vibrating plate compactor.
Simulation of various parameters on the dynamic performance of vibrating plate compactor impact on the vibration plate compactor climbing ability for dynamic simulation, the working parameters of vibrating plate compactor to optimize the analysis.

The conclusions of this paper on the vibration plate compactor machine design and performance of a certain reference value.