Versatile precast piles pile tip reinforcement cage bending machine

2014-02-17 15:03:56

 [0001] The present invention relates to a bending machine, and more particularly to a versatile precast piles pile tip reinforcement cage bending machine.


[0002] precast concrete piles from the kind of reinforcement and the corresponding production process can be divided into precast reinforced concrete piles and prestressed concrete piles into two categories. Among them, the precast reinforced concrete piles through dense lashing hoops, hoop knot to pre-fabricated steel reinforcement cage, and after calibration, inspection, carried out after pouring concrete mold, cover, maintenance is made. The traditional steel cage before lashing can be folded pile tip well, then make binding stirrups, and high-strength steel cage existing precast concrete square piles are formed automatically roll welding, which can only be part of the pile tip hoop After the roll bars to be bent welding is completed, if bent by hand, not only time consuming, but the size and bend angle bends are difficult to control, but also easy to damage the already welded steel roll cage.

[0003] Existing reinforcement cage bending machine can be bent to a specific diameter steel cage, when the size of the reinforcement cage change, the existing steel cage bending machine is not possible with the corresponding change switch, that can not be different specifications between the steel cage, the scope is smaller. When an existing steel cage during bending, the length and angle of the pile tip is fixed and can not be changed pile tip length and angle according to different needs.

[0004] In addition, the current steel cage bending machine during operation in the use of manual or semi-automatic mode, which not only reduces the work efficiency, and increased labor costs.

[0005] Thus, the prior art to be further improved and enhanced.