The using precautions of high-speed polishing machine

2013-06-26 15:24:27

The use of high-speed polishing machine precautions are as follows:

1. Found the following cases shall not be used high-speed polishing machine
Operator is not trained.
Operator is not learned "safe operating procedures."
High-speed polishing machine does not operate properly.

2. Using high-speed polishing machine, do the following checks to respond to environmental
The operator's hands and feet away from the rotating polishing head.
Operator shall not slam the power cord or the power cord wrapped in polished head.
The operator must secure dress.
Finish area shall not exceed the length of the cord.
Operator will be allowed to sell the operating handle. Downtime must be in high-speed polishing machine is completely stopped spinning before release the handle.
You can not use sticky dust, dirt polishing pad. Fouling too much polishing pad can not be cleaned, use promptly replaced.
Replacement, installation polishing pad, turn off the power.

3. High-speed polishing machine storage
Off the power.
Backward tilt, rear ground storage.
Shall not be stored outdoors, and should be stored in a dry place.