The development history of Twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer

2013-07-23 16:07:29

Appeared in the concrete mixer period is self-loading mixer form. With the growing requirements of concrete, there has been compulsory mixer. Compulsory mixer can be divided into two types of vertical axis and horizontal axis. Almost all domestic blender these two forms.

Since the fall mixer can be traced back to the early 20th century. Early 20th century steam engine driven by a concrete mixer drum cartridge, has begun to emerge. Over the next five years, reversing the material type and tipping the material type double cone blender and split drum mixer, etc. have come out and be developed. Self-loading concrete mixer has made rapid progress, its working principle: mix tube wall of the mixing blades radially arranged, work, mixing drum rotating about its horizontal axis, add mix barrel materials, is raised to a certain height blade , by weight of the whereabouts of this cycle of movement, to achieve uniform mixing effect. But the self-loading concrete mixer simple structure, generally stir plastic concrete based.

Because self-loading concrete mixer stir plastic concrete mainly dominated, then compulsory concrete mixer began to rise. From the early 1950s after the rise, compulsory mixer has been rapid development and promotion. First there is the disc vertical shaft compulsory concrete mixer. This mixer is divided into two kinds of turboprop and planets. 70 years later, with the application of lightweight aggregate, there has been a circular groove horizontal shaft compulsory mixer, also known as the horizontal shaft mixer. It also divided into single and twin shaft horizontal axis are two, both self-loading and forced two kinds of mixing characteristics. The seventies developed a new type of mixer, which can be divided into uniaxial and biaxial type style, this form of self-loading mixer both stirring and forced two kinds of functions, linear mixing blade paddle faster than the vortex small, and thus wear resistance than the small turboprop type high. Single horizontal shaft mixer is developed and manufactured by the German company ELBA. It has a compact, small power consumption, blade liner wear resistance, can be loaded with a mix of lightweight concrete startup and capacity advantages. China is also the company introduced a prototype. Twin-shaft mixer, with the concrete construction process improvements and gradually developed new models. Abroad from the late 1940s began to emerge in the United States and Germany, but the immaturity of shaft sealing technology, its development basically at a standstill. Until the early seventies, as this technology is a breakthrough, twin-shaft mixer in many countries the right to re-developed, has formed a series of products.