The reason trowelling machine does not turn when power

2013-09-06 11:17:29

Trowelling machine as a concrete construction equipment in one of the most commonly used, often in the course of that there is no transfer of the phenomenon, following a brief introduction trowelling machine when power does not turn causes.

Disconnect the power cord, check the power cord.
Brushless or brush will run out, which is carbon brushes must be replaced.
Capacitor is bad, we can check the contacts to be judged.
Switch contacts burnt, resulting in power does not come, we can use sandpaper contacts.
Equipment, rotor burned out, but also the factors that lead to power does not turn, so we have to replace the rotor.
Stator burned out or broken cable, replace the stator or connect the power cord.

Above is trowelling machine power does not turn cause analysis, using trowelling machine, if you have power does not turn the situation, we must first analyze trowelling machine power does not turn causes, and then processed according to specific circumstances.