Three layout of concrete mixing plant

2013-07-23 16:10:15

According to their arrangement form, concrete mixing plants equipment can be divided into vertical concrete mixing plants, concrete mixing plants and horizontal mobile concrete mixing plant. Below these three mixing arrangement is described in detail, I hope you understand the concrete mixing plant layout helpful!

In the vertical concrete mixing plant, the material only once improved, then drop by gravity to each process. This form of concrete mixing plant equipment advantage of high efficiency, small footprint, easy to implement automation; drawback is complex structure, high manufacturing costs, the installation height is high.

In the horizontal concrete batching plant, the material to be after the second upgrade, first upgrade to a material hopper, material weighed again after the upgrade added to the mixer. This form of concrete mixing plant equipment advantage of simple structure, less investment, building height is small; drawback is the material needs to improve after the second, low efficiency, low degree of automation.

Mobile concrete batching plant put on the material, material storage, weighing, mixing and discharging devices are installed on the same combination of the base. This form of concrete mixing plant equipment advantages are compact, easy to carry, can be directly adjacent to the construction site, thus reducing the concrete conveying distance, improved economic performance.