The technical characteristics of concrete mixer

2013-05-27 14:08:35

The technical characteristics of the concrete mixer which, Zhengzhou Tektronix machinery specialized production of asphalt mixing plant features clear, I believe that can certainly win the majority of customers the same recognition and praise.
1, mixing station most of the overall high quality of steel H-beam, the overall structural strength and stability. Elegant appearance, easy and quick installation.
2, concrete mixer machine adopts spiral twin-shaft compulsory mixer, mixing performance, stir quickly, and high productivity.
3, excellent mixing console, screw conveyors, pneumatic components, measurement sensors, electrical components.
4, the maintenance, repair parts are equipped with ladders to go Taiwan or seizure, and has sufficient room for maneuver, mixing console can be equipped with high-pressure automatic cleaning system, but also has functions starvation and over-temperature alarm, easy maintenance.
5, the powder in the whole operation carried out within a closed system, powder cans with efficient dust collector, mist spray and other methods can also be used to reduce the maximum dust pollution of the environment.
6, with the size of pipe to achieve coarse and fine, said metering function, impulse stable, accurate measurement.