The popularization of the bending machine

2013-05-07 17:38:12

Steel bar bender machine is equipped with a dedicated 12 m reinforced finished multi-level access rack, splice shelf distribution of closing silo collection of different specifications stirrups, to facilitate the classification of the different specifications stirrups lashing, greatly improve work efficiency, all pneumatic control fast, efficient, convenient customer stirrups banding operations. Tyco mechanical steel bar bending machine operation control system, leading professional multi-touch interface operating system, enabling customers to more convenient and faster, with superior storage capacity to facilitate customer processing operation called at any time.

Walking in the cutting edge of technology Tyco machinery, has been imitated, but never exceeding Although in recent years a number of small manufacturers in order to make a profit copy of the Tyco machinery and equipment, these imitations imitate only the outward manifestation of information, our mechanical is the essence of more than ten years of accumulated wealth, not imitate! The strength of the brand can support the healthy development of an industry, in the steel processing industry behind developed countries in Europe, need high-quality products, advanced technology, perfect service to support the pace of development of the Chinese steel processing and distribution industry, we always adhere to purpose of customer service, innovative, proactive, and to contribute to the Chinese steel bar bender CNC automation industry!