The importance of the plate compactor compaction speed

2013-05-13 14:14:48

Our company is specializing in the production of compaction machinery manufacturers, the company's product quality, high performance, hot-selling products throughout the country, the trust and recognition of consumers across the country. The following describes the to select reasonable compacted speed importance, we hope to help:

1. A reasonable choice of plate compactor reasonable speed and the number of times the compaction speed, improve operational efficiency, reduce rolling time of great significance. In the construction, plate compactor to maintain constant rolling speed is very necessary. The ships speed control 2 ~ 4km / h, the tire roller can be appropriately improved, but not more than 5 km / h. Speed ​​is too low, the paving and compaction process interrupted, affecting the quality of compaction, compaction which may need to increase the number of times to improve the degree of compaction. The RCC too fast, will produce the passage of time, transverse cracks, etc..

2  A reasonable choice of vibration frequency and amplitude, a growing number of plate compactor is used to roller compacted asphalt mixture, a reasonable choice in order to get the best rolling effect of the vibration frequency and amplitude is very important. Vibration frequency mainly affect the quality of surface compaction of the asphalt surface. High natural frequency vibratory vibration frequency than the asphalt mixture, to obtain better compaction effect. Test surface, for rolling asphalt mixture, the vibration frequency division multiplexing in the 42 to 50Hz range.