The new development of hydraulic mixer

2013-05-15 16:11:27

Accompanied by the process of urbanization in China, is the rapid development of urban and rural construction. Time of rapid growth in the construction industry, the housing top floor insulation, insulation and other issues but failed to resolve, with the development of society, a new type of unburned tile turned out, the help of the concrete mixer machine, environmental protection brick market further increase in the use of high-quality, saving energy, eco-friendly tile is an inevitable trend.

Hydraulic mixer in China started early, you should follow the direction of development of the housing flat to pitched, the market is extremely broad. Its column lift smooth, flexible, easy operation and maintenance, safe and reliable positioning, mixing system, small vibration, low noise, the stirring shaft speed adjustable, according to the user's requirements, a machine can be equipped with more than just container used interchangeably new combined ratio of technology, a unique production process has provided a rare opportunity for small and medium-sized investors.

Tyco, Henan production of hydraulic mixer can ensure the quality of the mortar to avoid caused by poor quality mortar building leakage, which can effectively reduce noise and dust pollution, improving environmental quality.