The mandatory concrete mixer running

2013-12-30 17:29:08

The user in selecting the compulsory concrete mixe, concrete mixing station reasonable overall planning?

Tyco below you briefly explain the mode of operation and management of the concrete mixing plant. Concrete mixing plantconcrete mixer, cement silo, batching machine control system, concrete pump, screw conveyor, cement weighing accessories consisting of machinery and equipment, suitable for construction sites, precast factory and commercial concrete production plant, apply to the supply of railway, highway and other highly mobile concrete, mobile and strong features.

First of all, before making concrete mixing station for the overall planning, comprehensive survey of electricity, water, source material, and sidewalk along the mixing station site and to determine the concrete supply range of concrete mixing station, the final concrete mixing station Model and concrete needs to determine the number of its land area. Second, the rational allocation of labor will also affect the efficiency of the mandatory production of concrete mixing station, concrete mixer machine, one responsible for the mixing plant fully operational and the link between the project department; production of a squad leader in charge of mixing station internal the production work arrangements; mixer captain one responsible for the maintenance and production; scheduling two responsible and Engineering Services Department docking; the two operatives responsible for small concrete mixer operation; test two members responsible for the acceptance of raw materials and factory inspection of the concrete accounting; monitoring Handicapper two responsible for the receiving of raw materials and weighting; work force two responsible for the cleaning of the mixer and concrete block; feed two members responsible for quality and quantity of raw materials and inventory; financial one responsible for the concrete mixing plant .