The history of the steel bending machine

2013-05-07 17:26:18

While it is popular on the market steel bar bending machine equipment not after many years of time, but in a long time bending machine equipment already appeared, but at that time the equipment is also very simple and even humble, but also for China's steel processing industry played an irreplaceable role in the latest equipment are changed from the original over.

Many people may not know the old-fashioned equipment, vintage equipment not only slow productivity but also spend a lot of artificial, reinforced processing cost is over, but before the device also has a certain degree of risk will continue someone to transformation, our company is the earliest start steel bar bender machine equipment, one of the transformation of the company, spend a considerable price to hire some of the mechanical aspects of talent in the company after the transformation of the company has been a qualitative breakthrough, and after these formed after years of continuous improvement we now steel bar bender equipment, I believe that friends know, we are now steel bending machine is not only greatly reduce cost, and its production efficiency is a qualitative leap, I believe The use of our steel bending machine equipment will definitely make you very satisfied.