The ground trowelling machine

2013-05-10 18:47:46

With the development of our society, the ground trowelling machine also updated in generations, our company also in the forward step by step.

Surface finishing machine, also known as cement photoreceiver, its main institutions spatula is a motor drives the rotor, the rotor in the middle of the cross base is equipped with 2 ~ 4 spatula. Spatula sloping direction with the rotor rotating in the same direction, from motor drive the v-belt spatula rotor rotation. Holding control handle operation, first, start the motor, spatula, namely rotation was carried out on the cement floor finishing, finishing machine can finishing 100 ~ 30 m2 per hour, compared with manual finishing can improve the work efficiency more than 3 times.

It is a kind of concrete surface coarse and fine finishing machines. After finishing the surface of the machine construction, the construction of artificial surface more smooth, level off, can greatly improve the compactness of concrete surface and wear resistance, and finishing machine, improve work efficiency in efficiency more than 10 times. Surface finishing machine can be widely used in high standard factory building, warehouse, parking lot, square, airports and frame type buildings on the surface of the concrete slurry, smoothing, and finishing. Is the first choice in concrete construction machines and tools.