The appearance of the types of concrete batching plants

2013-05-28 16:24:50

Station equipment should pay attention to improve the product grade from the appearance quality of concrete batching plants, the appearance of quality has been gradually become a magic weapon manufacturers competing for market, the nature of the work and the condition of concrete batching plants equipment products determines the surface quality will not be like the car requirements so gorgeous, so concrete mixing station products surface coating equipment and more emphasis on protective effect, adornment effect is in the secondary position. But along with the domestic enterprises and international market constantly market, foreign products entering into, in order to improve the market competitiveness and development space, the domestic machinery manufacturers have increased the development of improved the comprehensive quality and new products, with particular emphasis on appearance quality from improving product grade.

Before working procedure to be cleaned on the whole, there will be site fill putty defects, will not need to paint the part of job protection. In the domestic machinery industry, the plate quality problems, this procedure is essential. Large and small in the transportation mode, follow the traditional "could hang uneven playing" principle, good matching performance is an important standard company chooses to paint, in addition to environmental protection and other requirements.