The achievements of the bending machine

2013-05-07 17:32:03

Technical innovations in the field and breakthroughs tend to bring the development of the industry changes, Tyco mechanical steel processing equipment has always been committed to independent research and innovation, and achieved good results for many years in the field of technological innovation of the steel bending machine.

Compared to current mainstream bar bending machine equipment, Tyco's products after several improvements, not only in the core technology to accomplish something otherwise, the details is to achieve international standards. The bar cutter is equipped with two sets of traction servomechanism with professional counting means, the first set of traction servomechanism reinforced fed forward to the desired predetermined size after automatic bending forward conveying cut to a predetermined size, and then by a second set of traction mechanism clamping reverse transported to a predetermined size automatic bending.

Finally, the entire Ligament or double hook tendons to achieve a one-time automatic molding from straightening, bending and cutting, improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, a machine for molding accuracy.