Straightening and cutting machine fixed length effect

2013-05-16 15:27:19

Wire straightening and cutting machine , not only has the straightening function, and the effect of fixed length. For example, to straighten a raw materials of reinforced construction sites, and called for the length of the reinforcing steel bar is divided into several parts, the straight cut for blending machine, is almost a "piece of cake".

Of course, the function is powerful and reasonable structure to support, the wire straightening and cutting machine, plate rack, straightening drum, transmission box, frame, shear traction mechanism, the rack and so on accessories equipment must be closely integrated, so as to play the greatest role.

The so-called plate material frame, is the place for materials. The straightening cylinder is entered from the plate material equipment in steel frame out, different straightening drum type, the straightening effect is not the same, this depends on the specific needs. After straightening drum out to enter the active roller rotation, followed by cutting. Cut off the job is completed by shear mechanism, shear mechanism is arranged on the cutter bar, ensure smooth cut-off. Finally is to the rack, the rack is fixed length is straightening and cutting machine, rack for fixing the ruler plate according to the required length of long, adjust the position of cut, cut off the end of the reset, this ensures that a steel bar cutting length requirements.