Stirrer which selection

2013-05-21 15:04:54

Effective mixing of the concrete mixer ensure that the material; consumes the least power; lowest cost; easy to operate; easy to maintain.
Mixing container. According to production-scale mixing and material properties to determine the mixing container shape, size, such as special needs, generally used in the vertical drum container, determine the appropriate height to diameter ratio; any heating or cooling requirements, kettle shall be provided in vitro a jacket structure.
Stirring shaft should have sufficient torsional and bending strength. Usually the stirring shaft having sufficient rigidity, the rotational speed should be avoided at 800 ~ 1200r/min, stirring shaft speed in this range should consider having a certain flexibility.

Concrete mixer machine
Agitator type, material-handling characteristics determine the need for baffles and internal cooling tube. Such as baffles, low viscosity liquid multi-operation in full baffle conditions; increase with the viscosity the baffle width can be narrowed, high viscosity liquid does not have to set the paddle.