The makeready of steel bar cutting machine

2013-09-03 10:26:12

As a typical steel processing equipment, steel bar cutting machine in our country steel used in the field of application is very wide. Then, we discuss here is the simple operation preparation and requirements of steel bar cutting machine.

First of all, this kind of high quality steel processing equipment, good preparation before the assignment is to check whether machine lubrication, oil supply system is open, also want to check whether the blade is in good condition, whether the installation is correct, firmly, clearance fit, and check whether reinforcing steel cutter protection facilities are complete, reliable, check whether red solid motor, grounding are in good condition, whether the voltage is consistent.

Second, the requirement of steel bar cutting machine work, including the machine starting device should be located in the operator convenience, height shall not be more than 1.5 m, are not allowed to repair machine work, refueling, replacement parts, work to pay attention to the position of a horizontal and vertical clearance, car to timely adjust if any change.

In addition, in the process of blanking ingredients such as found reinforced with splitting, denial or serious bend must be removed.