Steel bending machine running a different sound reasons

2013-05-09 10:47:49

Steel bending machine for steel processing process should not have a different sound or irregular sound, which is what causes?

Zhengzhou Tyco different sound may have come from the steel bending machine feeding box. In general, there are three things can cause steel bending machine feeding box that appeared sound, feed box bearing damage is damage to the feed box card round, the feed box up and down gear top teeth. So how to solve the above failure? Our technical staff is usually taken:

If damage to the feed box bearing damage or card round lead to the bar bender different sound,
Check the extent of damage, if the damage is serious and should be replaced.

If the feed tank gear up and down the steel bending machine that appeared sound, should be placed in bars, boot the top gear failure due to the work of the machine and disappear, thus eliminating the different sound for top teeth.