Steel bending machine 2013 new outlook

2013-05-15 16:03:12

Tyco machinery in 2013 the new year would steel bar bending machine equipment will be the new plan, a company in order to have better prospects for development, then do New Year plan is very important in this new year It is very important to a lot of heart with emergencies, work out a new corporate plan.

In 2013, our company is mainly steel bending machine equipment, a new development, we want customers to be able to use steel bending machine equipment with us to better our old customers but also a new development, we customers career development is closely related to the development of our company in Hengfeng in this new year professional steel bending machine equipment to focus on the project.

To say to our company's steel bending machine equipment have not until now that manufactured by our company Equipment better, as opposed to a lot of people do not understand our equipment, so our ultimate task is to make more and more people come to know our steel bending machine equipment.