Steel bar straightening and cutting machine

2013-06-19 17:44:43

Steel bar straightening and cutting machine is one of steel processing machinery for straightening and cutting diameter of 14 mm below the bars and make rust. Steel Bar Straightening and Cutting Machine is a tune straight, pull the line agencies, cutting mechanism, reinforced fixed-length frames, racks and drives and other components.

Bar straightening cutting machine works. Steel bar straightening and cutting machine is a motor through a belt drive growth, so tune straight high-speed rotation, tune straight through reinforced by straightening, straightening mold removal by rust steel surface skin. By the motor through another pair of gear belt drive and gear box, on the one hand driving two transport rollers, traction bars forward movement, hand crank wheel drive, so that the hammer up and down movement. When the bar straightening cutting machine steel bar until a predetermined length, hammer hammering on the knife, the steel cutting, cut off by the rack of steel falling, due to the spring action, knife sets it back into place to complete a cycle .