Steel bar straightening and cutting machine has great market share

2013-06-19 17:50:47

Steel bar straightening and cutting machine Straightening high precision straightening effect, is a round steel wire rod straightening and cutting of specialized machinery. Henan Taike Industrial and Equipment Co., Ltd. rely on scientific and technological progress, bold innovation, the rebar straightening and cutting machine products production and sales has unique advantages, market share is increasing.

Henan Taike production and sales of steel bar straightening and cutting machine is widely used in railway fence, highway fence, breeding cages, metal products, insulation mesh, construction steel, steel processing and other enterprises. As the product adopts microcomputer control, automatic straightening, automatic cut to length, cut off automatically. Machinery running smoothly, low failure rate, easy maintenance, cheap parts, has now become the majority of enterprises need to be processed steel is the best choice.

Meanwhile, reinforced straighten cutter bar can be adjusted in addition to straight cutting operation, but also has the function of rebar rust, is currently on the market the latest steel bar straightening and cutting machinery products.