Steel bar straightening and cutting machine debugging

2013-05-24 15:21:43

Steel bar straightening and cutting machine is a key equipment debugging steps of formal operation, for the future of the steel production process, played an important role, but the reality is, many enterprises in order to production, one-sided pursuit of economic benefits and the key measures are not enough attention, and for the subsequent operation buried many hidden dangers, we have the following simple discuss of steel bar straightening and cutting machine for debugging.

The steel bar straightening and cutting machine installation, first of all should be maintained in a relatively flat on the ground, put some cushion is best, can prevent the machine when the high-speed operation and ground vibration. Connecting to host and slide to the best in the same line, check whether the punch and cut off the bite, if not bite it, height adjustment of the pulley, slider to slide inside the size needed, and then fixed with screws.

When debugging steel bar straightening and cutting the opportunity to wire bending phenomenon, can be adjusted by direct block angle, look to whether and straightening device, pressure roll groove in a straight line. Meet the wire breaking phenomenon, we should first check the straightening angle have a look is too large, or the knife cannot return, pressing spring wire roller is too loose, material is not good. When the equipment run Silk phenomenon, the operators must check whether the roll spring tight, slide the spring too loose, or slide below dragline silk steel rod is not in place, not sliding chute.

In addition, the debugging, the operator should strictly check the electrical wiring is correct, the operation point and stop control is normal and reliable. Straightening tube straightening wheel adjusting, special attention should be paid to the regulating bolt shall not lock nut loose, and close the security cover, can start the motor.