Steel bar straightening and cutting machine application in the construction industry

2013-06-21 11:06:44

Steel Bar Straightening and Cutting Machine is used in the construction industry, straightening and cutting machine, steel processing machinery world. Bar straightening cutting machine is used for straightening and cutting diameter of 14 mm below the steel, cutting length can be customized according to customer requirements. Adjustable straight cut stainless steel wire, aluminum wire, cold drawing, galvanized wire, iron wire, steel wire, steel, plastic coated steel wire skin incision homogeneous, small error performance.

Bar straightening cutting machine has reasonable structure, convenient operation safe and reliable, suitable for cages, rabbit cage, construction mesh, all kinds of welding wire, estazolam plate inserted cut and shaped wire mesh with wire straightening. Steel Bar Straightening and Cutting Machine construction principle is transferred straight, pull the line agencies, cut off the body, chassis and drives and other components. Generally used for 8 mm below the bar straightening or cutting work. Cutting the main types of stainless steel wire, aluminum wire, common wire, wire, etc. The main characteristics of their work is very neat and error is very small incision, the performance is very good.

The safe operation of steel bar straightening and cutting machine:

1. Feeder, feeders should be installed straight, and should be aligned with the guide tube, and the next tune straight cut hole center.
2. Application of hand turning the flywheel, check the drive mechanism and the working device, adjust the gap, tightening bolts, the motor must be located reliably then zero protection. Normal operation only after confirmation.
3. Bar diameter should straighten, choose the appropriate straightening block and transmission speed. Straightening block large aperture should be larger than the bar diameter 2-5MM, passing through the commissioning before feeding.
4. In straightening block is not fixed, protective cover is not closed before the person can not wear steel. Do not open protective cover operation and adjust the gap. Non-gloved hands
5. When the bar is pumped in, the hand and drag wheel should maintain a certain distance, not close. Machinery are not allowed to hold tools, objects, avoid falling into the body vibration
6. Feeding the former should not straight reinforcement end resection, the guide tube should be installed before a 1M length of the pipe. Should be reinforced through the tube and then into the front of the guide hole straightening. Release the disc lap steel shelves to have a smooth, random wire or reinforced off the shelf, you must stop processing
7. After straightening reinforced after any slow bend, straighten blocks can increase the offset until straightening up.