Steel bar cutting machine shear reinforcement should pay attention to what?

2013-07-18 17:07:47

Steel bar cutting machine is an indispensable tool for steel processing, its main role is the shear reinforcement. Steel bar cutting machine operation when there is need to pay attention to what matters it?

Use steel bar cutting machine cutting steel, the material shall not be less than the minimum 1m, once cut off the root of the number, must comply with the mechanical properties, is strictly prohibited excessive cutting.

Reinforced cut φ12mm above, you need two people with the operation, people and reinforced to maintain a certain distance, and make steady reinforcement.

Be sure to grip the broken material, and in the activities of the blade to the back, it will be sent steel blade to prevent the end of the swing or reinforced steel pop wounding.

Do not have started in the active blade moved forward to the edge feeding, so often because of surprise, can not be broken standard size, often also has a mechanical or physical safety accidents.