The main components of steel bar cutting machine

2013-08-14 10:55:07

As we all know, in these past years, steel bar cutting machine is growing at a very rapid expansion of the state, in order to meet different application requirements, the manufacturers are also trying to introduce different functional steel bar cutting machine, steel bar straightening and cutting machine which is a kind of higher recognition devices. Then it's four most work which specific?

A. Presetting section
This section mainly rely on the five sets of parallel and perpendicular coercivity rounds to complete the supply wire rack from stress relief, so as to achieve the wire surface rust and stress relieving presetting work, mainly stress wheel, stress wheel adjustment square tiles, plate seat, and the rack part.

B. Tune straight section
The main part of the five sets of symmetrical curves by straightening wheel rotation for additional tune straight wire under the action of the hyperbolic than completely eliminate the stress and advance the wire run. About the use of straightening wire wheel bracket can be adjusted forward and back wire flatness, thus completing the wire straightening and cutting work.

C. Feeding section
The main part box with active and passive feeding feeding box 1 set each. Active feeding box by large frame 7.5kw motor for the power transfer to the feed tank worm wheels and worm shaft driven gear meshing movable support gear and shaft. Which led to a pair of two shaft assembly to complete the feed rollers feed.

D. Cutting portion
The part of the main motor to drive the hydraulic pump station through electromagnetic commutation, and the relief valve control. Road, rail car parallel activities cylinder piston rod assembly on the activities of the knife cylinder reciprocating stroke seat assembly with a fixed round trip cross knife fell to the wire after a round knife cutting. Since the wire cut in the operation, cut off the moment when the resistance is to promote activities in the car before the trip, formed with the knife movement.

These are all part of the four main steel bar straightening cutting machine indispensable work deserves our understanding and attention.