The classification of steel bar cutting machine

2013-08-20 14:14:32

Steel bar cutting machine is the construction of a mechanical device commonly used in major construction projects are essential. Steel bar cutting machine equipment associated with construction projects increased and increased, and now almost have to use a lot of engineering and construction of reinforced concrete, steel and concrete for the structure is obtained by a relatively high degree of stamina and a strong building material .

Steel bar cutting machine is generally divided into mechanical and hydraulic steel cutter, mechanical hydraulic machine than the simple and convenient, and very effective, such devices are generally required to power the machine itself comes through to achieve the motor, the motor drive force generated by the machine so that the cam cycle of movement shear reinforcement.

Hydraulic rebar cutter is obviously mechanical different, it is powered by a hydraulic drive system to achieve, but whether it is hydraulic or mechanical things, through power-driven lathe cutting circular motion to achieve results.