The introduction of steel bar bending machine

2013-08-16 10:27:17

Steel bar bending machine is one of steel processing machinery. Steel bar bending machine body of work on the vertical axis is a horizontal rotating disc work, supporting pin fixed on the machine, the center pin and bend the pin installed in the work on the disc, the disc rotation when they put a steel bending . Various diameters of steel bent to the working plate has several holes for plug pin bending, can be replaced with different diameters corresponding to the center pin.

Steel bar bending machine includes reducer, gear, pinion, bending the disk, wherein the structure: two-stage brake motor with gear reducer Direct-coupled as one; pinion gear for two with a large deceleration; gear rotating the disk drive always bend; curved disk is provided with a central axial bore and a plurality of curved shaft hole; work table, respectively, the positioning bar on the side provided with a plurality positioning shaft hole. Because two-stage brake motor with gear reducer Direct-coupled as an input, output revolutions than accurate, stable bending speed, accuracy, and can make use of electrical automatic control by changing the speed, brake bending angle can be guaranteed. Use of motor reversing, two-way bending of steel. Central shaft can be replaced, for easy maintenance. You can use intelligent control.