Steel bar bending machine connection technology innovation

2013-09-17 10:20:54

Steel processing, steel bar bending machine still more extensive application, according to incomplete statistics, there are 80% of the domestic iron and steel manufacturers are using this bar processing machinery, in that as a typical steel processing equipment, steel bar bending machine is in addition to cutting characteristic, its equipment connection is also worth studying.

Compared with the international market, China's reinforced mechanical connection technology or earlier, in the early 80 s began appeared on the relevant market. With the continuous development of sleeve of cold extrusion technology, the development speed of reinforced mechanical connection also achieved gratifying results, so far, has been successively appeared sleeve cold extrusion, taper thread connections, upsetting cutting straight thread connection, squeeze the rib rolling straight thread connection.

The sleeve of cold extrusion connection
Mainly by extrusion press along the radial extrusion sleeve, first let sleeve produce plastic deformation, and then using the high pressure oil pump to provide power supply, and reinforced, interlocking, form a whole of heritability. According to relevant knowledge, this kind of connection technology generally need large manpower and material resources, relevant equipment if maintenance is not good are prone to leak phenomenon, thus will pollution to the bar.

Taper thread connections
This connection technology mainly with taper thread set of silk machine processed into taper thread steel bar end first, then with taper thread sleeve and docking rebar connection in this together. Note that the actual operation process, if the operator is not alert or negligence, is easy to appear reinforced stress resulting from the excessive slippage phenomenon.