The data of steel bar bending machine

2013-08-20 14:11:25

Various types of steel bar bending machine but is in fact based on the product of the machine itself, different needs, and then bending machine itself to improve the structure of the above, or just for the next part of the equipment with them, or just a big One machine only. Following is a brief introduction steel bar bending machine data.

Steel bar bending machine equipment including gear, gear, pinion, bending disk. Play disk drive gear rotating bending, so as to achieve the role of bending steel, two-stage brake motor with gear reducer Direct-coupled as one; pinion gear for two with a large deceleration; deceleration can be used to control the speed of bending stability and accuracy, resulting in a better quality product. Brake bending angle can guarantee the use of motor reversing, two-way bending of steel.

Steel bar bending machine with intelligent control, so that steel processing become simple, casual, and now more than a good steel bar bending machine is domestic production, foreign brands of machine production base in the country, when the choice of the proposed purchase in the domestic selection of steel bar bending machine manufacturers .