The status of steel bar cutting machine

2013-08-21 11:13:14

Steel bar cutting machine is used in the construction industry, and also in the steel industry has a wide application. Steel bar cutting machine is one of the essential equipment. Then the future of China's steel bar cutting machine which direction will develop?

The models of steel bar cutting machine will be mainly horizontal, model structure to half open half closed based, more than 65 large-scale cutting machine production output will increase.

Appearance quality domestic steel cutting machine, machine performance unsatisfactory. Foreign manufacturers are generally scale production, willing to invest in technology and equipment, automated production level is higher, the formation of a complete set of quality assurance and processing system, especially for appearance quality is excellence. Cover the overall performance and appearance of the product quality, to allow the user complete satisfaction and increase customer loyalty as the highest goal to pursue. Disposable stamping molding, paint by paint spraying, color matching scientific and reasonable. And although some domestic manufacturers produce a longer history, but no one scale, coupled with aging equipment, processing over and so are also many problems.

The development of the domestic steel cutting machine there are some problems, but to catch up with the international advanced level is not particularly difficult.