The status analysis of trowelling machine

2013-09-06 11:13:33

Trowelling machine mainly in cement concrete surface of the pulp, smooth with trowel used in the construction. Existing trowelling machine is mainly divided into disc trowelling machine and vane trowelling machine two types, including single and double wipe wiping head vane trowelling machine heads are the two types can be divided into two kinds of electric and internal combustion power type.

Vane trowelling machine production abroad well-known manufacturers are Baitai Canada, the United States MBW, Germany Wick, big Japanese Asahi, Mikasa and other companies. More varieties of specifications of their products, a single wiping head walk-behind, there are dual wiping head driving style, the blade angle is adjustable, wiping head diameter between 600mm ~ 1200mm in general, the use of force is generally two-stroke or four stroke gasoline engine.

The major domestic production of motor-powered disc trowelling machine, the machine can only be on the ground to smooth operations, do not have the trowel features. Only a few manufacturers produce small double blade trowelling machine, a rotor diameter of 320mm, and the angle is not adjustable, only applies to a small area of the concrete floor or trowel smooth operation.

Domestic vane trowelling machine in the development, production and application of a wide gap with foreign products can not meet the market demand. Many construction units are eager to domestic manufacturers to produce wiping head diameter of 700mm or more, to replace imported vane trowelling machine.