How to prolong the service life of concrete mixer ?

2013-07-16 10:41:05

As materials, technology, and human factors such as the aging parts of the concrete mixer in use will inevitably be a variety of failures. However, if you can correctly analyze the cause and take effective, targeted preventive measures to minimize the damage slow speed mechanical parts, it can effectively prevent mechanical failure and prolong machine life.

Concerning the protection of concrete mixers, blenders first periodic maintenance instructions provided by the periodic table and lubrication equipment for mixing plants and parts of lubrication. Always check the mixer blade, liner is loose, adjusted periodically leaves a gap between the liner and, as worn as appropriate replacement. All wire lines should be properly protected to prevent work crushed or bruised. Split gear regularly to check the tightness of the belt speed to avoid skidding wear. With the design and manufacture of materials science and technology, the mixer device uses a lot of new technologies, new materials, new structures, machinery and equipment makes more perfect function at the same time as the failure rate is also minimized. However, equipment maintenance work or indispensable.