The safety technology of steel bar straightening and cutting machine

2013-06-19 17:47:09

Steel bar straightening and cutting machine is one of steel processing machinery for straightening and cutting diameter of 14 mm below the bars and make rust. Steel Bar Straightening and Cutting Machine is a tune straight, pull the line agencies, cutting mechanism, reinforced fixed-length frames, racks and drives and other components.

Steel bar straightening and cutting machine When the installation frame to bear, bear shelf trough should be aligned with the center line of the guide tube, and the lower knife straight tone hole centerline.

Steel bar straightening and cutting machine After installation, you should first check the electrical system and other components for damage, the machine is securely connected parts, the transmission part is flexible. Confirm each part of the normal only after commissioning. Commissioning bearing temperature should be checked to see hammer, cutter and cut gears and other parts are normal. Confirming that no abnormal condition before feeding, straightening and cutting test.

Bar straightening cutting machine according to the desired diameter rebar straightening, choose the appropriate straightening block sheave grooves and transmission speed. Straightening block large aperture should be larger than the bar diameter 2mm ~ 5mm, traction wheel width should be reinforced and the required diameter of straightening match.

Care must be taken to adjust straightening blocks. Straightening Jane, the general tone with five straight block, the block must straighten 1,5 two on the center line, the middle three can deviate from the centerline. First make steel offset about 3mm offset through a trial straightening, such as reinforced still slow corners, you can gradually increase the offset until straightening up.

The front of the guide tube, you should install a length of about 1m of the pipe. Need straightening should be reinforced through the pipe, and then penetrate inside the guide tube and transferred straight to prevent reinforcement close to each plate is finished straightening pop wounding its ends.

Steel bar straightening and cutting machine straightening block is not fixed, protective cover is not closed, it shall not penetrate reinforced to prevent the switch on the machine after straightening blocks flying out.