The safety operation of rebar cutting machine

2013-07-04 11:43:53

The safety operations of rebar cutting machine are as follows:

Machinery installation, you must have laid solid, keeping the horizontal position, the job should be located outside the hangar.
Before starting, you must check the cutter should be no cracks, knife bolt fastening, protective cover securely. Rotate the pulley, check the meshing clearance, adjust the cutter centrality.
Started, first idling, check all moving parts and bearings operating normally before operation.
Machinery does not reach normal operating speed when not cutting material.
Do not cut, cut, cut diameter and strength than steel and prescribed brand of red-hot steel. A plurality of cutting steel, the total cross-sectional area should be within the specified range.
Chopped material, the distance between the hand and the knife should be more than 50mm, such as hand side is less than 40mm, the application will be reinforced short sleeves and clamps and clamping head pressed firmly.
Direct removal operation prohibited by hand cutter near decapitation and debris.
Found that mechanical operation is not normal or abnormal sound cutting head skew, etc. should be immediately shut down for maintenance.
Job, steel brush to remove debris between the knife for machine cleaning and maintenance.