The safe operation of vibratory plate compactor

2013-06-17 17:16:46

Vibratory plate compactor is mainly applied to consolidate adhesion between the particles and the low friction material. Safe operation of vibratory plates as follows:

1. Check before starting the engine oil level to the required position. Using 93 unleaded gasoline, when in shutdown join.
2. Working links checked before each screw loose, if any, should be promptly tightened.
3. Vibrating plate compactor working power transmission clutch, throttle position to be added to the maximum to avoid the medium-speed operation.
4. Start the engine oil when the first open switch, solenoid switch, turn off the cold start choke, pull the handle (gently pulling resistance is felt) forced a quick pull open the choke after start, idle for 3-5 minutes; throttle fast-running clutch, plate vibration compactor starts vibrating.
5. Hand on the handrail to grasp the direction of the vibration plate compactor in the forward and backward movements when steering handle the job done.
6. Downtime. After working the engine idle for 3-5 minutes after closing the solenoid switch, circuit switch.

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