Electric hydraulic rebar cutter and manual hydraulic steel bar cutter

2013-08-14 11:01:15

Generally speaking, steel bar straightening cutting machine are based on feeding method, tune straight made open, with the punch-style cut, etc., such as the growing market demand for equipment, electric hydraulic rebar cutter and manual hydraulic steel bar cutter these two new cutting machine steel processing equipment more and more welcomed by the market, so we have a need for both a simple introduction.

Electric hydraulic rebar cutter.
The first kind of electro-hydraulic steel cutting machine mainly consists of motor, hydraulic system, control unit, fixed moving blades and other components. It works the motor drives the eccentric shaft rotates, the eccentric shaft eccentric retired workers, and it touches the surface of the plunger back and forth motion, so that produce high-pressure piston pump oil into the cylinder body, pushing the piston within the cylinder, driven forward moving blade , and fixed to the carrier phase error on the fixed blade and cut rebar.

Manual hydraulic steel bar cutter.
The same manual hydraulic steel cutting machine hydraulic system by the piston, piston, hydraulic cylinders, lever, pull off, return spring, jerry can and put suction valves and other components. Its working principle is to first oil drain valve clockwise tighten, lift lever plunger that enhance suction valve is opened, the hydraulic oil into the oil chamber; lift lever, hydraulic oil into the cylinder chamber is compressed to push the piston forward, mounted in front of the moving piston cutter can feed off. Feed off immediately after opening valve counter-clockwise rotation, under the action of the return spring, the pressure oil flow back into the oil chamber there, the cutter will automatically retract the cylinder. Again and again, to cut the tendons.

With related manufacturing technology continued to improve, electric hydraulic rebar cutter and manual hydraulic steel bar cutting machine will certainly gain a lot of market share.