The body whole operation and maintenance tips from experts

2013-12-26 17:12:06

 The cutter machine’s body(rebar cutter machine) made with high quality cast steel. It is uniquely featured duty gears used or smooth functioning. Clutch system is attached here for safety purpose. The blade used in the machine can be easily replaced and It’s motor is pure copper winding.This machine saves money and time for the customer in enormous amount.
The cutter machine advantages:*Rollers are provided to facilitate transfer of the rebar over top of the machine’s head;*Cutting Blades are covered with the protective metal sheet to provide better safety norms.
Compact and light weight cutting machines, horizontal acting, wherein the operating height is maintained as low to facilitate easy handling heavy rebars.Simple user friendly ideal for typical construction sites. The cutting tool is multiple edged, just rotate the blade for a fresh cutting edge.
From maintenance view point, the Electro-Hydraulics is very basic and simple, where nominal skills can manage repairs. The system parts are standard and easily available in nearby Hydraulic stores.
These machines(rebar cutter machine,steel bar cutter and so on) are produced in large batches, under tight quality checks and thoroughly Tested before shipment, The machine properly installed and used with some primary care, is good for many years of service life.