The raw quality management approach of concrete batching plant

2013-09-13 10:00:36

The raw materials concrete batching plant used is designated to buy. Before we order and use the raw materials, we must pass the test and can not use without meeting standard of quality raw materials.

The selection of cement, according to the contract technical requirements and engineering characteristics of selection, and conform to the current national standards. Cement approach, to verify the factory certificate, and sampling, in accordance with provisions for strength and stability second-round exam, do such as setting time test when necessary. Cement in transport and in the process of cement tank storage shall not be affected with damp be affected with damp. Cement factory for more than three months later, must carry out the second interview, and used according to the second-round exam results.

Selection of sand, with coarse sand and medium sand advisable, grading, silt content and the content of harmful substances, consistent with the common concrete with sand quality standard and inspection method "(JGJ52). Appropriate USES medium sand pumping concrete, through the 0.315 mm sieve pore volume of not less than 15%.
Gravel and pebble grain size according to the contract technical requirements, use the particle gradation scope, the needle flake particle content, silt content and harmful substance content should conform to the normal concrete with gravel size or pebble quality standard and inspection method "(JGJ53). Pumping concrete, gravel size no more than 1/3 of the conveying pipe inner pebble is not more than 2/5.

Sand aggregate in concrete mixing plant, by visual inspection and acceptance, and random sampling test by the regulation, continuous production, pumping test of not less than once a week. The test results recorded in the accounting, filed in a timely manner.

Fly ash application conforms to the "regulations of technology of the application of fly ash in concrete and mortar" (JGJ28) and relevant regulations. Fly ash silo to set clear sign, it is strictly prohibited and cement mix. In the process of transportation and storage of fly ash shall not be affected with damp be affected with damp.

Admixtures must conform to the quality of the technical specification for concrete admixture applications (GBJ119). It is strictly prohibited to use any certificates without leaving the factory. Admixture approach, using before experiment, experiment of concrete water reducing rate, setting time, strength and slump loss, etc. Additive into the station there must be acceptance, storage, distribution, register account. Classification piled up, a clear sign, and powdered admixtures shall not be affected with damp be affected with damp.
Water mixing concrete, should comply with the "standard of concrete mixing water" (JGJ63).