Concrete batching plant raw material management requirements

2013-08-12 15:22:21

The production of concrete batching plant has important links with the site planning of concrete mixing plant. Reasonable site planning will not only promote the production of conduct, you can also save resources and reduce costs. Today we introduce you briefly how to effectively manage raw materials of concrete mixing plant .

1. Coarse aggregate in a hierarchical storage. Coarse and fine aggregates shall be stored in the passing zone and area to be tested, with the wall separating wall height of not less than 2m, a variety of materials shall not be mixed positions, and the use of cement mortar surface, the positions of the ground set slope, not water.
2. Including hopper and wood, including all additional storage space must be light steel roof, steel roof bagging line height 7m. Aggregate aggregate storage yard cleaning area should be a one-way drainage slope; feeding channel should be combined with mixing station batching equipment for flat and slope parameters settings.
3. Aggregate quality of the material should be required to carry out inspection status identification, identity includes material name, origin, size, quantity, feeding time, inspection status, the test report number, test batch and so on.
4. Clean and dry principle. Concrete mixing station raw stack space to note when planning and site selection dried and some raw materials is not wet, it will greatly affect the quality of concrete. In addition, raw materials stacking principle should also pay attention to clean, not only to ensure their own cleaning materials, there is the raw material itself does not affect the stacked concrete mixing station the whole station clean.