Process performance of reinforced bar bending machine

2013-05-20 13:44:28

Reinforced process performance includes a number of projects, according to the characteristics of different products can be put forward different requirements, such as common reinforced requirements of steel bar bender , some prestressed steel bar bending machine , twisting, winding test.

All of these tests in the form of different degree to simulate the processing materials may be involved in the actual use, such as common reinforced to hook or bending, prestressed steel wire is sometimes winding, and its purpose is to check material on these particular plastic deformation limit bearing capacity, therefore the process performance is also on the plastic requirements the material, and the ductility requirements are interlinked, generally large elongation of steel, the process performance.

However, compared with the one-way tensile stress state, the stress state of process performance test is much more complicated, type and size of specimen deformation anisotropy, steel structure, grain size, the content of harmful residual elements especially any effects of internal and surface defects of continuous variable shape such as crack, inclusion and so on and led to the test does not pass. So in a sense, the examination of the quality of steel, can be said that the process performance test is more strict.