Operating procedures of vibration compactor

2013-07-11 11:18:14

Vibration compactor is to use its own gravity and vibration compaction variety of building and road construction materials. In highway construction, the most suitable vibratory roller compacted variety of non-cohesive soils, gravel, crushed stone and a variety of asphalt concrete mixture has been widely used.

Operating procedures of vibration compactor are as follows:

Operation, the roller should be started before starting the earthquake, as for medium-speed engine should then modulation speed.
Speed and commutation should be the first stop, speed should be reduced engine speed.
Prohibited roller on solid ground vibration.
RCC soft roadbed, should be the case without vibration rolling 1 to 2 times, and then the vibration rolling.
Rolling, the vibration frequency should be consistent. On adjustable vibratory roller, vibration frequency should be adjusted after the operation, not the case in the absence of adjustment since the earthquake vibration frequency.
Commutation clutch, clutch and brake from the shock adjustment should be carried out in the main clutch is disengaged.
On the downhill, not use fast file. In sharp turns, including an articulated vibratory roller compacted in a small turning round and round, is strictly prohibited to use fast file.
Rollers shall not engage in high-speed vibration.
Stop should be the first stop vibration, and then reversing mechanism placed in the middle position, the transmission in neutral, and finally pull the hand brake lever, engine idle a few minutes after the flame.