The precautions of steel bar cutting machine

2013-07-08 14:32:51

With the modern architecture widely used in steel, steel bar cutting machine in a modern high-rise building to assume ever greater workload, steel bar cutting machine in operation is sure to pay attention to safety, and today we are concerned in the use of reinforced cutting machine the precautions.

Pick material and cutter lower work surface should be level, table length according to the length of the decision process materials.
Before starting, you must check the blade is installed correctly, the cutter should be no cracks, knife bolt fastening, protective cover should be solid. Then turn the pulley, check gear backlash, adjust the cutter gap between the fixed blade knife with active horizontal gap to 0.5 ~ 1mm appropriate.
After startup, the first air operation, check the transmission parts and bearings in normal operation only after the operation.
Machinery shall not reach the normal speed cutting, cut material must be used in the lower parts of the cutter and steel grip should be active when the knife to the back, into the steel blade, reinforced ends to prevent injury or pop swing people.
Shear strength shall not exceed the diameter and the required mechanical plate steel and red-hot steel. A plurality of cutting steel, the total cross-sectional area should be within the specified range.
Cut low alloy steel, high hardness should be replaced cutter diameter should conform nameplate.
Material cut short when the distance between the hand and the knife should be kept 150mm or more, such as hand side is less than 400mm, the application will be reinforced sleeve or short head clamp pinch or clamp securely. One end is less than 300mm cutter when cutting jig before clamped to prevent pop wounding.
Cut long steel shall be hand hold, operation, action to be consistent, not arbitrary drag.
Operation, prohibited by hand directly clear short head near the cutter bar and debris. Rebar cutter swing
Found that mechanical operation is not normal or abnormal sound cutter skew, etc., should be immediately downtime.
Using electric hydraulic rebar cutter, the first loose open valve, no-load running a few minutes, drain the air tank, and then tighten and reinforced pulled by hand.

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