Practice for Electric Power Trowel

2013-05-27 14:18:15

As part of our consumers, buying trowel after the first is to understand the product operation process, we focused on different customer gave us an electric Trowelling equipment broadly similar, the operation simple operation profiles, we hope to bring help .

A. Power and water supply.
B. According to the diameter core samples select the corresponding fixture, clamp the core samples and go after the chassis center column locking clamps.
C. Loosen the upper and lower locking hand wheel, hand wheel transporter lift, face away from the core samples when the wheel stops 1mm end, and then tighten the locking handle clockwise to open an account transfer micro handwheel grinding down, when When contacting the sample end face grinding wheel oscillating grinding for grinding. So continue to fall until the wheel polished specimen face.
Four, road Trowelling equipment grinding is completed, turn off the power and tap valve and handwheel counterclockwise transporter micro, it is in the upper limit position.

Loosen the clamp tight and the handle, the jig together with the specimen removed and reverse the installation. Repeat two, three, four actions for grinding other end. Until the end core samples meet the requirements.